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Hypeminute - February 3rd: 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, The Lego Movie, 24: Live Another Day

By Brad Rach on February 4th 2014

In the HypeMinute we quickly discuss some of the major product news of the week and when they'll be released.

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
The Lego Movie
24: Live Another Day



Video Transcript

Hello everyone and welcome to the HypeBadger Hype Minute. We’re going to talk about the most exciting news from this week for upcoming releases and what you should be getting badgered about

This Friday the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics will begin in Russia. The games will last from the 7th to Sunday the 23rd and will feature 15 sports. Russia has faced a great deal of controversy from the rest of the world for their strong stance against homosexuality which include bans on gay propaganda. These bans will include changing the traditional multi-coloured Olympic rings, to a less ‘rainbow’ version

The kid in everyone will be happy when the Lego Movie is released on Friday February 7th. The movie is pulling in a star studded cast and will be featuring characters licensed from DC comics.  The plot of the movie will involve a construction worker named Emmet being mistaken for the mythical greatest master builder. This was a wise choice by the studios involved, to move away from the original plotline of a guy searching through a bucket for the last 2x1 piece that he needs.

During the Superbowl, Fox aired an advertisement for the new television series event: 24: live another day. Keifer Sutherland will be returning to take up his role of Jack Bauer, an ex-Counter Terrorist Unit agent. 24 was notable for showing each episode in roughly real time, where one hour of airtime accounts for one hour of time in the show. This is a striking difference from the NFL Superbowl that aired the promo, where one hour of airtime accounts for about 5 minutes of gametime.

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